What We Do

Nancy and John Headshot

Nancy Hower and John Lehr created Howler Monkey Productions as a home for their unique improvised film and television productions. Howler Monkey has produced projects across multiple platforms since its birth and recently was the sole studio for “Quickdraw” a ½ hour comedy Western series on Hulu. Howler handles every aspect of the production — currently in its second season.

Howler Monkey recently launched Howler.tv – a website dedicated to the viewers and fans of the Howler Monkey brand. Howler.tv is designed to be a landing site for viewers to watch Howler shows, chat about what is coming next, watch daily vlogs, and shop for fun merchandise.

Moving forward, Howler Monkey intends to expand Howler.tv and offer original programs, a live periscope show, fan generated merchandise, sneak peaks into what Nancy and John are developing for networks and eventually to reach out to other like-minded comedic producers and offer a place to screen their work.